Postcard from tech conference in Europe

Dear Clients,

If you brushed your teeth with an electric toothbrush this morning, did you realise that the computer chip within it is now more powerful than the computer onboard the 1969 Apollo moon landing?

We invest in companies exposed to undeniable long-term structural drivers. And it is clear to us that the modern world will need to launch its own ‘moonshots’, powered by even more sophisticated chips to address the global challenges of ageing populations, energy security and planetary sustainability.

That’s why four of our investment team recently attended a conference in Europe to see what’s on the horizon in global technology. They returned optimistic that innovation will deliver solutions to…

  • Healthcare: The human brain has 86 billion neurons making 100 trillion connections to each other – ironically more than a human brain can fathom! This is where technology comes in: whether it is enhanced resolution scans, brain-on-a-chip models or software to process complex datasets, new technology is providing researchers with tools to find cures to degenerative diseases, such as dementia.
  • Climate Change: You may have heard that ChatGPT and AI consume a lot of electricity! Electricity generation accounts for roughly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, a third of which is used for industrial motor control, and a further 16% of emissions come from transport. Fortunately, companies like Infineon are advancing chip technology for renewable energy and power efficiency, crucial to the decarbonisation of both Industry and Transportation.
  • Talent: To achieve these giant leaps, we need engineering skills, a resource presently in short supply. Companies like Synopsys, who provide design software for chips (like the ones the team are standing by), are infusing AI into their tools to increase the productivity of individual engineers – this reduces design schedules from months to weeks.

All this rocket-science is only possible through partnerships based on mutual strength, another topic close to our heart. Collaboration between governments, industries and scientific disciplines will be the rocket fuel behind the new technology set to revolutionise and safeguard our futures.

Our priority, as always, is to protect and grow your assets. We will continue to seek out innovations on the horizon, working in your best interests.

Best wishes,

The Investment Team