Responsible investment is not a product (nor is ESG)

The transition to a more sustainable world is inevitable and is bringing huge structural changes to the way we live. It also represents a huge opportunity for long-term investors. Veritas’ clients’ portfolios are well positioned. 

As long term investors seeking to generate real returns for our clients we have a responsibility to consider all material risks in our analysis. ESG opportunities and risks are just business opportunities and risks and so are fully integrated within our approach. 

In this webinar, Ross Ciesla (Chief Investment Officer) and Catriona Hoare (Investment Partner) demonstrate why and how we integrate ESG factors into our investment approach.

  1. Is the S in ESG nice to have or must have? (10:00)
  2. Veritas’ investment approach and how ESG factors impact our stock picking (13:55)
  3. The shift to a more sustainable world is a major investment opportunity. Examples of companies benefiting from this shift (18:16)
  4. Company examples: identifying ESG risks and ESG opportunities (28:17)
  5. How and why Veritas engages with companies (32:00)
  6. Assessing materiality for any given company when considering sustainability (35:50)
  7. Veritas’ approach to Stewardship (39:30)
  8. Engagement examples: contributing to change (41:29)

  1. How to avoid greenwashing: questions to ask your investment manager (45:05)
  2. How Veritas approaches diversity (46:52) 
  3. An example of when Veritas has ‘voted with its feet’ and sold/not invested in an investment on ESG grounds (49:18)